When I was about 7 years old my dad decided that I needed to learn
How to Drive a Car with Manual Transmission. (Most of you who are parents must be freaking out right about now! No need, let me explain.)

First thing he did was to show me how to park the car SUV; he would stop the car in the gate to our house. He would then sit me in his lap and while he accelerated gently he would be guiding my hands on the steering wheel until the car was in its spot. After a few sessions with his help he then proceeded to stop guiding my hands and I was the one with full control of the steering wheel. (I can see all the parents gasping right about now)

Now to the fun part!!!

Learning to shift gears! While we were driving one day he told me “I want you to throw second gear, Rochelle”. I looked at him confused. Had my dad just gone mad? Did he really want me to change gears while the car was on the road with other cars around and moving? He definitely is crazy, I thought!! But he wasn’t. He told me that I needed to learn in case of an emergency. He placed my had on the shift knob and guided the stick in to second gear. He did the same for third, fourth and fifth. Now I knew by where each gear was.

A few days later he said it again, this time it was all me! It was really fun and it made me feel good! I was doing something that other kids had no idea how to do and that made me cool(at least in my mind)!

Years later, when it was my turn to get my first car I did want a stick shift but that was what they gave me! The car sat in the drive way a for a few days. I would look at it, sit in it but I was scared to driving it! Do you want to know what happened with the car? wait until my next post and I will tell you all about it!!!