As a little girl my father would always ask me to help him out when he was going to work on the cars.  I was his little assistant. I knew what each tool was called and what they were used for. I thought me how to drive a stick shift. When he came home from business trips he would always bring me a new Hot Wheels car. Needless to say I grew up around cars and mechanics. I new how to do oil changes, change brake pads and drain the brake lines, change tires, etc.

As a young adult I developed a passion for cars and steered toward the street-racing scene in Puerto Rico. It was fun and dangerous which made it even better. I never raced with the rest as I new most of them drove recklessly. When I had my first car the first thing I did was to go to the racetrack on stock car night. Driving down the ¼ mile was and still is the best adrenaline rush I’ve ever had.

When I moved to Florida I was tempted to look for the car scene, as it was a part of who I was but decided not to pursue it, as I was aware of how strict the law was here. In Puerto Rico the police wasn’t as strict and you could predict when and were they would be. They were even a part of it. I have to say I really miss working with cars.

I have decided that in a few years I will start a project car. Not sure yet which one I will rebuild but that’s part of the fun!